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A hot day in the country ,with hardcore Brian Wilson fans

On July the 10th this year, we gathered together on a hidden place on the country, the fans of the brianwilsonfans.com.

In the east part of Holland, in the neighborhood of Deventer, on a very hot day in a barn ,with only cows and sheep as neighbors, with all the facility’s. provided by Ton and Antoinet Nijhof .
We all came on our own way to the east desolate part of Holland, by cars, motors, trains and bikes! Thanks to Tomtom. We were with 16 people and we had a lot of fun, there was barbecue, more than we could wish, some tents to keep the heat away,( although the heat came back, when we started to sing and play, with Maarten on keyboard, Hans on guitar, and a rhythm section added to the scene. Nicole and other well singers completed the band, so, almost the whole Holland Smiles gang was there!

Burbank, CA – October 8, 2009 -
Two giants of popular entertainment have come together as Brian Wilson, the pioneering musical genius who co-founded the Beach Boys and wrote many of the band's greatest hits, has signed with Walt Disney Records.

In the months ahead, Wilson will record two new solo albums for the label's Disney Pearl imprint, including one featuring covers of classic songs by great American songwriters, George and Ira Gershwin. For that recording, the Gershwin estate has given Wilson access to rare, unfinished pieces of music by George Gershwin, with which he will craft collaborative compositions unlike anything the world has seen.

 New album Taylor Mills!


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