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A hot day in the country ,with hardcore Brian Wilson fans

On July the 10th this year, we gathered together on a hidden place on the country, the fans of the brianwilsonfans.com.
In the east part of Holland, in the neighborhood of Deventer, on a very hot day in a barn ,with only cows and sheep as neighbors, with all the facility’s. provided by Ton and Antoinette Nijhof.

We all came on our own way to the east desolate part of Holland, by cars, motors, trains and bikes! Thanks to Tomtom.
We were with 16 people and we had a lot of fun, there was barbecue, more than we could wish, some tents to keep the heat away,( although the heat came back, when we started to sing and play, with Maarten on keyboard, Hans on guitar, and a ritm section added to the scene. Nicole and other well singers completed the band, so, almost the whole Holland Smiles gang was there! A contest ,on suggestion of Hans, was done…, who could sing the high part of “Caroline No “,with a kind of a sigh at the end …. Well I must say, Klaas Jelle was the best on this Job and had also the best voice. For myself, I did get “the poodle prize” for the best sigh.

Outside, the temperature was rising and rising and inside the barn, were 3 TV’s , for the football lovers, since there was the semi final, of the World football games. At the end, it was so hot inside, that the only one, left there with the 3 TV’s, was my dear husband, Brave man!

After 10 pm, one after another left the scene, since it was a long ride home, and the air, was filled with dark with a promising amount of rain ,thunder and lightning. We left some later, since we had a nice little hotel in the neighborhood, but it was scary, how the rain and lightening started, on our way ‘home” . and so much wind, that later we saw trees, blown on the road, and a fence ‘walked ‘over the road to our car.

Any way, it was a memorable day, and we had the right “feel’ to be together again, like old friends.
Thank you Ton , for the organization! It was great!! Let’s do that more!!

The following members attended the meeting;
Ton and Antoinette Nijhof, Ton D, Willy and his partner, Nicole, Klaas-Jelle, Renze, Maarten and Corry, Caren and Ferry, Rene P. and Henriette and Zeljko
Sadly ,there were no members from abroad ,this time, we really hope for the next time, this will happen again

Henriette Lovric

Pictures ONLINE now!

The "one-and-only" Dave Mclean reports:
I am blessed these days. I was very lucky to see a preview DVD of 4 minutes of some unbelievable footage of an upocoming DVD that Mr Hinsche is putting together, footage of the Beach Boys 1974 tour. The four minutes short sample really grabs you it kicks your head, breaks your heart and leaves you wanting more, more, more. You do not want it to end at all and four minutes can fly by so fast. There should also be an introduction and interview from Al on the DVD. Billy is hoping to get this product out by this Christmas, this will make not just a great pressy for any Beach Boys fan but will be an essential must have DVD. Once it is completed Billy will I am sure be in touch with us all.

Dave Maclean

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